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    Application in Automobile field

    NdFeB magnet is widely applied in Automotive field, such as EPS motor, Traction Motor, Micro motor, Sensor,etc., the Electric Vehicle needs large quantity magnets.

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    Application in Energy-saving elevator

    Elevator energy-saving technology is mainly embodied in two aspects, one is that the elevator drive system adopts variable-frequency technology, the other is permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction technology. The variable-frequency technology can save around 25% of the power consumption of traditional asynchronous elevators. The Permanent Magnet synchronous traction motor can save another 30% of the power consumption, the NdFeB magnet is used in Permanent Magnet synchronous traction motors.

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    Application in Renewable energy

    Direct-drive permanent magnet turbine (DDPM turbine) With the advantage of Low maintenance, less moving parts, high efficiency, the DDPM turbine is getting popular in Renewable energy market, NdFeB magnet is the cornerstone of DDPM turbine.

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    Application in Industrial Motor

    Due to its high magnetic energy and high coercivity (especially high intrinsic coercivity), NdFeB magnet motor has a series of advantages, such as compact size, light weight, high efficiency and good performance.

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    Application in household appliances

    Variable-frequency compressor Magnet is mainly used in Variable-frequency compressor of DC-type inverter air conditioner. It can save more than 30% power consumption. At the same time, it can reduce noise and prolong the service life of air conditioner.

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    Application in Medical Device

    In Medical field, NdFeB magnets are widely used in medical, magnetic, health care, nuclear magnetic resonance and other fields because of their high magnetic field.


R & D capability

The company has a high-quality R&D team and advanced R&D laboratories.

    High-quality R&D team

    Yili Magnet has a professional and experienced R&D team

    Strict quality control

    There is a professional and completed testing laboratory, it covers all aspects of permanent magnets production and R&D.

    Advanced production equipment

    Advanced production equipment is introduced to optimize the efficiency , and its a good assurance for quality consistency.

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